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As a business owner, you fully immerse yourself in your company. The line between your work and personal lives blurs because your company is the cornerstone of your family’s well-being. Legal challenges can jeopardize the fruits of your labor. If you find yourself in this dire situation, you must have an experienced advocate on your side.

You need the Law Office of Barton Morris.

The Law Offices of Barton Morris

Business owners benefit from the legal excellence displayed by attorney Barton Morris and his team. The business law experts achieve remarkable outcomes for their clients thanks to their deep understanding of business law. The firm has a genuine passion for serving their clients. You can trust them to provide unparalleled legal counsel, unwavering support, and steadfast guidance. Your business and your family’s future are in capable hands.

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Business Law Experts Offer Tailored Services

Do you know why business owners and investors trust the law offices of Barton Morris for expert guidance? We develop a tailored approach to each client’s needs and provide comprehensive counsel to ensure optimal outcomes. Key to this approach is our business audit.

We use your information to develop legal strategies based on your organization’s unique needs. While no two legal strategies are the same, our clients routinely find favorable outcomes from our representation.

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Experts in All Facets of Business Law

The firm of Barton Morris stands ready with unparalleled expertise to guide you through every legal challenge. We possess a comprehensive understanding of all facets of business law. You are sure to find the representation you need from this short list of our command of business law.
The Law Offices of Barton Morris

Business Formation and Structure

  • Entity Formation: We offer comprehensive legal guidance tailored to your unique needs regarding compliance and protection from risks. confidently create a solid foundation for your success with our experienced attorneys at your side.
  • Operating Agreements: Our commitment to understanding your unique business dynamics forms the basis of our operating agreements. We strategically structure these documents to mitigate risks, promote smooth operations, and safeguard stakeholders’ interests.
  • Partnership & Shareholder Agreements: Our tailored approach ensures these agreements reflect the specific needs and objectives of all parties involved, fostering transparent and harmonious partnerships while safeguarding interests and promoting long-term success.

Contracts & Agreements

Employment Contracts

Our team drafts and reviews your contracts with attention to detail and a deep understanding of employment law. We take into account your specific needs and goals to safeguard the interests of you and your employees.

Non-Compete Contracts

Do you want maximum protection against unfair competition while safeguarding your valuable assets? Our firm expertly crafts enforceable agreements tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

Licensing (Cannabis, Liquor, and Lottery)

Our team has an in-depth knowledge of the intricate regulatory frameworks governing these industries. We provide personalized guidance to help with the complexities of the licensing process. Find Out More

Asset Purchase Agreements

Our team uses its extensive experience to structure complex transactions. Throughout this process, we ensure seamless asset acquisitions and maximize your value.

Partnership & Shareholder Agreements

Our business attorneys structure equitable agreements that protect the interests of all parties. This forms the foundation for successful business relationships.

Franchise Agreements

Our experts pay meticulous attention to detail when navigating franchise regulations. We ensure compliance with franchise laws to safeguard your interests and facilitate successful franchising ventures.

Transactions and Acquisitions

  • Business Sales & Acquisitions: Our comprehensive understanding of legal complexities guides us in providing your counsel in these matters. We facilitate seamless transactions that meet and even exceed all parties’ objectives.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Business owners trust us due to our proven track record of precisely handling complex transactions. You can expect seamless transitions that protect your interests and maximize value.
  • Asset Purchase Agreements: We deliver seamless acquisitions that safeguard your interests and maximize value. This is why business owners trust our firm to structure these complex transactions.
  • Real Estate Transactions: Our attorneys have years of experience representing clients in all types of industries. We perform due diligence and take the necessary steps to maximize your return and protect your interests. Learn more!
The Law Offices of Barton Morris

Legal Compliance and Risk Management

Regulatory Compliance

We know how to navigate complex regulatory landscapes. Our counsel mitigates risks and fosters a culture of compliance essential for sustainable growth and success.


Our firm takes a strategic approach to each case and works diligently to protect your interests. Our goal is to always achieve favorable outcomes for you so your business is safeguarded for continued success.

The Law Offices of Barton Morris

Intellectual Property Protection

  • Trademark Law: We are serious about protecting your intellectual property. Our team navigates the intricate landscape of trademark registration and enforcement so your brands are protected and positioned for success.
  • Intellectual Property: Our team of experienced attorneys possesses deep expertise and a passion for innovation. Let us deliver tailored strategies and unwavering advocacy to safeguard your intellectual property rights.

You’re the Best in Your Business…

The Law Offices of Barton Morris are the best at protecting businesses. When you need an advocate, trust them for steadfast strategic counsel and unwavering commitment to safeguarding your business. If legal troubles should arise, we facilitate your continued success in today’s dynamic business landscape.

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