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Meaning of License Revocation–they are done in Michigan, and likely everywhere else.

License revocation basically means that the licensee and stakeholders will never possess a license again in the state of Michigan. Because most states also look at compliance actions conducted in other jurisdictions, they will likely be denied a license in every jurisdiction in the country. What is also interesting is that the licensee will not likely be facing criminal charges. I am aware of individuals whom have had similar allegations of unlicensed/unregulated conduct face felony charges. But because Candid Labs was licensed, they will probably not face any criminal charges.

Why this is important to the CRA–shows they are serious about cracking down on unregulated product.

A little over a year ago Brian Hanna, with a law-enforcement and military background, was made Executive Director of the CRA with the specific direction to crack down on illicit marijuana product infiltrating into the regulated Metrc control system. Since then, there has been multiple investigations resulting in license revocations, including this one. Brian Hanna has lived up to his task and the department continues to crack down and this is an example. This is a blatant example of rule violations that had no other option but revocation in my discussions with Director Hannah he has been very adamant about one of his top priorities, which is cracking down on illicit product. What license actions like this do for the industry

This latest example of a license revocation will continue to cause those serious about being in the industry to play by the rules. But the level of noncompliance on display in this case demonstrates that there simply needs to be more enforcement regulations and random spot checks of licensees. This incident was not from a random facility inspection, but rather a follow up to an investigation reported by the licensee’s failure to maintain security recordings. The CRA proposed a new set of administrative rules which also contain numerous changes to assist in their compliance investigations. These things are an example of a new era for the Cannabis Regulatory Agency to send the message that ensure facilities and the operators will be encouraged to maintain compliant operations or risk expulsion from the industry.

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