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If you are starting a business, individuals may want to consider if they want a sole business or if they will now or in the future consider franchising the business. There are many benefits of expanding the business by franchising. Benefits of franchising your business include brand appreciation, increased revenues for the overall enterprise, and allowing other individuals the opportunity to manage a franchised location. The attorneys at Barton Morris can assist with franchise agreements toward the expansion of the business.

It is beneficial to seek legal advice for questions or concerns related to increasing the business and brand, especially when it comes to developing a franchised business. Many types of businesses are profitable if franchised. Businesses include convenience stores, hotels, restaurants, clothing boutiques, and bars, among other types of thriving businesses, for a list of top businesses to franchise click here. Business owners should consider franchising their business, especially if their goal is to expand their business monumentally.

Franchising and Brand Appreciation

One of the benefits of franchising your business includes brand awareness. This allows customers and individuals to recognize the business and brand, due to expanding the business enterprise and locations. Many consumers become aware of the brand due to the number of franchises. Specifically, this can be an effective way of gaining attraction to the brand, as many individuals become appreciative of the business and brand. Branding can be an important aspect of franchising your business because of the additional customers who may become aware of the business. This can be important to expand the brand while gaining additional supporters and customers who appreciate the business. Often, retailers and restaurants are constantly growing, which can allow for these franchise businesses to thrive. This can allow customer awareness, due to the increase in business developments.

Franchising and Increased Profits

Additionally, another benefit of franchising your business includes increased profits. Many founded businesses have franchised their business, allowing them to have greater business development and more locations. Due to the increased business developments, this has the potential of increasing revenue. Increasing and adding additional businesses to your brand can be a beneficial business move for owners and operators. This allows individuals to invest in their company for the good of additional revenue. Depending on the demand of the company, franchising a business allows for greater profit increases. The expansion of the business enterprise, increases your brand in a positive way, causing profitability. This can grow smaller businesses monumentally, which is more profitable for the organization as a whole.

Franchise Management

Furthermore, another advantage of franchising your business may include franchise management. Those who decide to franchise a business can manage each business, which can be beneficial to the franchisor. It may allow franchisees to bear many responsibilities in the business. Such responsibilities may include the costs of inventory, merchandise, staffing, and other finances necessary to run the business. Many of the franchisees may have duties to manage the employees and further business development.

Franchisees have the ability to determine the important goals for their individual businesses. It can be beneficial for the franchisees to have their own responsibilities, as it relates to the franchised business. This can allow the owners of the brand to have less involvement due to the great number of businesses that may be franchised. It may and can become difficult for the franchisor to manage all of the franchised locations. Having franchisees makes the business enterprise easier to maintain, due to the increased number of businesses associated with the brand. It can be important to have franchise agreements so that the franchisee and franchisor are aware of their individual roles and responsibilities, and for determining what each party is responsible for. Often, independent owners are considered franchisees. These independent owners can have their own methods of running a business, but overall their goals should remain consistent with the goals of the franchise.

Franchise Agreements

Businesses that are considering expanding their business may look to franchise their brand and business. This can be beneficial for business development. Franchise agreements can be resourceful as it relates to making agreements with franchisees of the brand. These agreements include the rights of the franchisee, which allows them to use the brand and business model for their location. Also, agreements typically include the costs of franchising, the usage of the brand, possible rights to the business, duration of the franchise, advertising, marketing strategies, and operational guidelines. These franchise agreements may also include specific rules and regulations that the franchisor may want the franchisee to implement, to protect the brand. These agreements include the rights of the franchisees and many other forms of responsibility. Franchising your business can be an effective way of increasing revenue for your business and typically results in brand awareness.

These agreements may include the terms necessary and can include what is considered a default and any remedies for breaching these franchise agreements. As a franchisor, it can be important to keep your company objectives a priority, especially as it relates to expanding your business. Specifically, franchisors may seek to include noncompete clauses in the franchise agreements, so the franchisees may not compete with the overall business enterprise. This protects the owners, especially as it relates to their business in question. Also, these agreements are helpful because they detail the applicable laws and regulations the franchisee and the franchisor are beholden to.


The Law Offices of Barton Morris has extensive experience handling franchised businesses. We assist with many different services, which include franchise agreements between the franchisor and franchisee (s). Agreements are helpful in protecting the franchisor and the overall brand. A potential franchisor should seek legal advice as it is helpful for the overall enterprise and continued business development of the business especially when it comes to understanding the applicable laws and regulations.

The attorneys at Barton Morris will assist with the necessary steps toward expanding your business, along with the franchise process. Legal guidance is advantageous for businesses, especially as it relates to expanding your business enterprise and brand. Our attorneys are helpful to your businesses, especially as it relates to staying compliant with state and federal laws.